Some astronomical and statistical C-programs

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These C-programs are developed by Stefan Spännare and are free to copy.

Read the header of each source code for more information.


These C-programs are now included in the ssphot photometry package found here.

Astronomical C-programs

Transformation from equatorial to horizon coordinates

The program calculates horizon coordinates (altitude, azimuth and zenith-
distance) of a celestial object from equatorial coordinates (rigth acension
and declination) of the celestial object, longitude and latitude of location
on on earth, epoch, date and Universal Time (UT).

Statistical C-programs

Measurement of robust mean and standard deviation

The program calculates the usual mean and standard deviation together with a
more robust estimation of the mean and standard deviation from a column in a
text (ascii) table with numbers. The minimum and maximum values of the column
are also calculated.

Generating a table with Gaussian and rectangular random numbers

The program produces statistical data to test the program sigcol.c or other
similar programs. The program produce a text (ascii) table with 5 columns,
3 with only text (letters) and 2 with Normal (Gaussian) and rectangular
distributed random numbers respectively. Normal random numbers are present
in column 2 and rectangular random numbers in column 4.

Author: Stefan Spännare
Latest update: 2006-11-17