Compiling instructions and help for the programs

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The programs have been succesfully tested on a PC whith Fedora 9 Linux
and the GNU C-compiler gcc 4.2.3. Probably they work well also on other
Unix platforms.

Windows 98/2000/XP and DOS

If you want to run these programs in DOS (under Windows 98/2000/XP)
I highly recommend the very powerful 32-bit DJGPP GNU C/C++ compiler.
See also the gccdos.txt file.


The programs are usually compiled in the form:

>cc -O3 -o program program.c -lm

Or with a GNU compiler:

>gcc -O3 -o program program.c -lm

Here program should be replaced with the actual program name.
The option -lm includes the math library.


I recommend that you optimize the programs for optimal performance,
i.e. use one of the following compiling options:

Compressed TAR-files

To uncompress and unpack a TAR-file (under Unix or Linux) use the commands:

>gunzip file.tar.gz

>tar -xvf file.tar

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