SSBENCH CPU benchmark test for Unix, Linux and Windows 32-bit

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SSBENCH beta version 1.08 (2006-11-30)

The SSBENCH CPU benchmark test consists of 8 integer and
8 floating point C-programs and is developed by Stefan Spännare.
The benchmark test works on Unix/Linux and Windows 98/XP/7 computers.
Newer versions of some of the C-programs can also be found here and here.

Important note. This is a quite old benchmark. It does not take advantage of multiple CPU
cores or 64-bit extensions. Perhaps an updated version will be available in the future.

You are very welcome to run the benchmark test on your computer and e-mail the result to me!


This is beta version 1.08 of SSBENCH and some modifications can be necessary in the future.
Please report problems!

Some Unix/Linux SSBENCH results

Some Windows 98/2000/XP SSBENCH results

Many thanks to those who have contributed to these tests!

These files will be updated if more people return their results.

See also the commonly used SPEC benchmark.

Download SSBENCH beta version 1.08 (2006-11-30)

It seems as if the Windows 2000/XP version works well also with Windows 98, Vista and 7 32-bit!

What's new in beta 1.08?

Don't forget to read the readme.txt file before running the benchmark!

Author: Stefan Spännare
Latest update: 2012-01-17